Here is what you need to know
about the income guarantee

What is it based on?

We set performance based criteria to ensure you earn a minimum of $85,000 gross (personal) income in your first year. This criteria will be created during your business & marketing planning session during our private practice academy.

What is the definition of gross income?

We define gross income as the total profit generate by the practice after you have accounted for all expenses. It does not include income tax and superannuation.

What is the performance Criteria?

The Performance Criteria have been set by Life Resolutions to minimise risk and fast track your path to success. They are the foundation to our business model and have allowed us to grow private practices around Australia.

Here are some of the criteria we use;

  1. Number of session conducted a week
  2. New Client Attendance Rate
  3. Average Session Fee Rate

Get in touch with one of our representatives to discover how these and other criteria create the framework for your success.

How will Life Resolutions support me in meeting this criteria?

For each criteria we have develop processes & systems that we have tested and perfected over 15 years of running private practices. You will gain access to these as part of your license fee. We also give you access to a range of intellectual property that was created to help you grow and develop as a business owner. 

How will Life Resolutions measure this criteria?

Our systems allow us to keep track of each criteria through automated reports. At the end of the 12 months we will be able to generate an average figure for each criteria and determine wether or not they have been met over a year.

Each month you will meet with our business support team to review the criteria and identify areas of improvement. We use four stages;

  1. Collaboratively setting the criteria
  2. Implementation which is part of our establishment kit
  3. Monitoring through reports and a business support team
  4. Evaluation with our business support team.

Can I access the income guarantee if I already own a practice?

Yes you can. If you are currently running a practice and are struggling to make $85,000 a year we can help you get there.

What happens after 12 months?

The purpose of the income guarantee is to help you minimise the risk of starting a private practice. In the first year you will learn the skills and build habits that will allow you to effectively run your practice, and guarantee your own income.

Have any more questions?

Reach out to one of our friendly representatives using our live chat function, or by submitting our contact form (after hours). They will be able to answer any outstanding questions you have.