Coping with the Stress of a Global Pandemic

The Challenges of COVID-19 and 2020

The current COVID-19 health crisis is an incident of global trauma to both those directly suffering from the health issues and those struggling with the additional stresses of job insecurity, social distancing, and financial worries. Experiencing some stress is normal and even expected, but if feelings of anxiety are beginning to harm your mental health, it is critical to seek professional support.

The Life Resolutions team know how difficult this year has been on every Australian. We are committed to providing services that help clients manage increased stress and improve their health and wellbeing.

Stress and Anxiety Counselling with Life Resolutions

At Life Resolutions, we are dedicated to providing experienced and empathetic stress counselling services to help all clients cope with the worries and anxieties created by COVID-19. Whether you are dealing with financial concerns, feelings of loneliness or isolation, health worries, or any other issues, rest assured that our team can help.

Right now, leaving the house may be difficult or impossible for many, so we are pleased to announce that we are also offering Telehealth services, with all the same expertise you expect from our team.

Seeking Support with Life Resolutions

If the difficulties of this year are causing you stress and harming your wellbeing, it is time to seek professional support. The Life Resolutions team are here to help you navigate the unique challenges of 2020.

Please visit our website to book in an in-person or Telehealth appointment with our compassionate and skilled Life Resolutions team today.

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