Life Resolutions-Identifying and Managing Chronic Pain

What is Chronic Pain?

Chronic pain is a frightening and confusing condition, often invisible and surprisingly common. Up to one in three Australians experience chronic pain, and it can lead sufferers to feel worried and hopeless about their future.

Chronic pain can be caused by injury, accident, or illness, and usually cannot be identified until 12 weeks after the initial onset of pain. Chronic pain sometimes lessens with time, medication, and health support, but also can last a lifetime. If you are dealing with chronic pain, remember that mental health support can be just as essential as advice from a doctor or physiotherapist for managing your pain.

How Can Psychological Support Help You?

A psychologist can work with you to create achronic pain management plan, a system of strategies that will help you deal with the difficulties of pain in everyday life. It can include ways to maximise positive moods and achieve goals, information on the appropriate use of medication, and help with identifying pain triggers and avoiding flareups. A psychologist’s support can be essential for those struggling to manage the daily challenges of pain and associated emotions.

If you are coping with chronic pain –


  • Remember, many people live with chronic pain and still lead meaningful, fulfilling, and happy lives. Although you may have to adjust your lifestyle, chronic pain does not have to define you and limit your happiness.
  • Do not try to simply ‘will the pain away’. You are dealing with a very real and difficult condition and pretending it does not exist can cause you further physical harm and negatively impact your psyche.
  • Prioritise daily tasks and celebrate small wins. Do not set out to do things that are likely to cause you pain and suffering. Be realistic with your goals and appreciate your accomplishments.

At Life Resolutions, we have a specialist team who can help you manage the emotional and mental issues associated with chronic pain. We understand how difficult it is to live with chronic pain, but we firmly believe that everyone can live a life that works for them.

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